Capacitor Discharge Welding Advantage from Weld Systems Integrators

Partner with the CD Welding Experts … Projection Welding of Fasteners to Hot Stamped Boron and Press Hardened Steels

Weld Systems Integrators manufactured our first Capacitor Discharge Resistance Welder in 2007. That CD Welder is still in production today making great welds and great parts. When you partner with WSI, you’re selecting a proven leader and CD Welding innovator, providing:

  • Complete capacitor discharge resistance welder solutions, with recommendations for optimal equipment and accessories.
  • Accessible / on-staff technical support.
  • Support, including training, maintenance programs, and quick response to emergency breakdown and repair service.
  • Experience to help increase efficiency, flexibility, and reliability.

– Jerry Studzenski, President

WSI will work with you to explain the CD welding technology needed and couple it with a process that matches your application’s manufacturing requirements. In addition to working within your budget, we will also review your machine building specifications, cycle times, annual part quantities and floor space requirements.

All projects are designed in SolidWorks for full viewing ability. An “Open Door” policy allows customers to visit WSI throughout the whole project. Before each Capacitor Discharge Welder is shipped, a complete Design of Experiment (DOE) is completed and documented to ensure the weld settings are maximized to the furthest potential. Each machine is ran off with customer approval; then, subject to a rigorous four page checklist before shipment.

All WSI Capacitor Discharge Welders are Proudly Made in America!

Discover Weld Systems Integrators, Inc.’s Fully Customizable Family of Capacitor Discharge Welders Today!

Capacitor Discharge Welding Process:

  • Low primary power requirement, relative to resistance welding.
  • No Peak Energy Billing.
  • 99.9% Power Factor means virtually no wasted welding current.
  • Very fast weld time (typically under 10ms).
  • Ultra-Fast Rise Time welds fast while minimizing heat-affected zone (HAZ).
  • Tooling Often Lasts 3-5 Times Longer than other processes.

The WSI Capacitor Discharge Welding Advantage:

  • Maximum current draw of 30 Amps for the welding process.
  • 60 Amps or less Single-Phase Primary Power required for a complete machine.
  • 100,000+ Peak Amps in under 5 milliseconds.
  • Fast Follow-up Design allows for instantaneous response to weld set-down.
  • No Water Cooling Required for Power Supply and Control. Tooling may require minimal cooling depending on final specifications.
  • Fully-Monitored for Process Confirmation and Maintenance.
  • Easy to use HMI User Interface.
  • Robust, Reliable, Consistent Process.
  • Welds with WSI CD Welders can achieve up to 200% Required Torque and Push-Out Values.
  • Over 10 years of Consistent, Proven Results.
  • WSI CD Welders are designed around customer applications, and are not ‘cookie-cutter’ machines.
  • Specifications are determined by WSI engineers in WSI’s own welding lab, setting the standard for the industry.
  • WSI CD Welders are designed for safe, easy operation by human operators, or for ease of integration into robotic cells. Controls, safety circuits, and guarding are engineered to customer specifications.
  • WSI Single, Dual, or Multi-Head Welders are easily integrated with nut/part feeders, and are perfect for nut farms, and other high-density manufacturing operations.

WSI Capacitor Discharge Weldable Materials:

A. Steel:

Mild and Stainless Tempered and Hardened
TRIP (Transformation-Induced Plasticity) and DP (Dual-Phase) Cast
Sintered Hot-Stamped High-Boron Steels (like USIBOR®)

B. Coated Metal:

AlSi-coated hot-formed parts Zinc / Tin Plated & Galvanized

C. Non-Ferrous Metal:

Aluminum Copper
Brass Other Metal Alloys

D. Heat-Sensitive Joints – Close Proximity to:

Electronics Low-Melting-Point materials like plastics
Paint / Other coloring

Do you have problems welding Usibor®?

Whether its Usibor®, aluminum coating Usibor®, materials with high boron content or other hot-stamped materials, WSI has the resources, expertise and CD welding capabilities to MAKE GREAT WELDS – consistently.

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