NEW TECNA 4642 – Foot Operated 20 KVA Rocker Arm Spot Welder

WSI-SELECT – In-Stock and For Sale at Weld Systems Integrators

NEW TECNA 4642 WSI Serial #: 1301121

NEW TECNA 4642 – foot-operated 20 kVA rocker arm spot welder [ WSI stock / serial #: 1301121 ] IN-STOCK and FOR SALE at Weld Systems Integrators.

  • Simple, fast setup and operation, with easy adjustment
  • 220 or 440V – dual-voltage welder works from 208-480, anywhere in your plant
  • Arms easily slide in and out for small and large parts
  • Access hard-to-reach welds with built-in angle / straight tip holders
  • Easy-to-program weld controls

WSI maintains an IN-STOCK inventory of new and used resistance welding equipment at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery. Contact our knowledgeable sales team at 844-WSI-WELD or +1-216-475-5629 for immediate assistance.

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    • TE101 control, mounted on the front of the machine, allows the operator to view data while welding.
    • Air pressure gauge, regulator knob, and speed controls are mounted at the top of the machine for easy monitoring and adjustment.
    • Water-cooled transformer, arms, and electrodes. Epoxy resin-coated transformer for maximum protection.
    • Adjustable electrode stroke enables access to a greater range of parts.
    • Chromium-copper electrode holders are designed for long life and heavy-duty service. It may be mounted at 12° and 90° positions in the arm. Optional Universal-Style arms are available exclusively from WSI for 1″ diameter electrode holders, and for mounting the electrode holders at 30° and 90°.
    • Adjustable throat depth enables maximum flexibility.
    • Ergonomic frame for long-term operation in production environments.
    • WSI exclusive standard low-profile lower holder enables accessing parts as small as 3″ diameter.
    • Single foot pedal (standard). Additional foot pedal (optional part #73070) on base allows mounting both foot pedals on a joint base.
    • PINCH POINT SAFETY OPTION: WSI-supplied TECNA rocker arm spot welders can be available with UNITROL Soft Touch Safety for pinch point protection.
    WSI stock / serial number1301121
    Foot or air-operatedFOOT
    Power @ 50% duty cycle20 kVA
    Max power39 kVA
    Secondary voltage4 V
    Maximum Short Circuit Current12000 A
    Thermal current @ 100%3.5 kA
    Supply voltage (@ 60Hz)*Dual Voltage 220 / 440 V
    Delayed fuses @ 220 VAC80 A
    Delayed fuses @ 440 VAC40 A
    Primary cables (up to 30m)0.02 in. (10 mm2)
    Insulation classF
    Compressed air supply
    Air consumption per 1000 spots @ 94 psi (650 kP / 6.5 bar)
    Arm minimum length15.0 in. (380 mm)
    > Max electrode force @ 94 psi (6.5 bar)330 lbs. (150 daN)
    > Working stroke0.4 – 2.4 in. (10 – 60 mm)
    Arm maximum length27.6 in. (700 mm)
    > Max electrode force @ 94 psi (6.5 bar)176 lbs. (80 daN)
    > Working stroke0.6 – 4.1 in. (15 – 105 mm)
    Short circuit current with arms @ max length8.8 kA
    Water cooling @ 36 psi (250 kP / 2.5 bar)1 gpm (3.8 lpm)
    Minimum water pressure36 psi (2.5 bar)
    Aerial noise produced70+
    Measured conditions
    Working stroke0.79 in. (20 mm)
    Welding time26 cycles
    Welding current9 kA
    Working rating (welds per minute)10 # / min.
    Net weight321 lbs. (146 kg)
    Arms40 in. (1016 mm)
    Electrode holders0.87 in. (22 mm)
    Electrode taper size4RW/1MT