TECNA 6128N MFDC Press / Projection Welder – 160 kVA

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TECNA 6128N – US Configured 480V

WSI Serial #: M0220036

TECNA 6128N MFDC press / projection-type welder [ WSI stock / serial #: M0220036 ] IN-STOCK and FOR SALE at Weld Systems Integrators. The 6128N is a 160 kVA, 3-Phase welder with WSI-TECNA US configured 480 volts [ the most common power system used in US industrial plants ]. NOTE: TECNA standard MFDC resistance welders are configured with 400V, which requires a step-down transformer for typical US plant installation.

WSI maintains an IN-STOCK inventory of new and used resistance welding equipment at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery. Contact our knowledgeable sales team at 844-WSI-WELD or +1-216-475-5629 for immediate assistance.


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    • Medium frequency welders, are designed to obtain high-quality welding.
    • The modular design of the mechanical structure, arms, brackets, and cylinders.
    • Cylinder with chrome plated stem for heavy-duty work and long life; adjustable anti-rotation device.
    • Lubrication-free pneumatic components to eliminate oil mist and protect the environment.
    • Adjustable double-stroke cylinder with key control. Alternatively, it may be managed by a pneumatic pedal.
    • Electrodes descent without pressure for both maintenance and set-up.
    • Built-in compressed air filter unit and tank. Compressed air disconnection device.
    • Water-cooled transformer, plates, electrode-holders, and electrodes; transformer with epoxy resin-coated windings.
    • Two-stage electric foot control for clamping and welding pieces only if correctly positioned.
    • Pre-setting for additional double-stage electric foot switch connection for the direct recalling of a different welding program.
    • Arranged for all models: two-hand safety control with timer and removable key selector, assuring the best safety. The two-hand control device is standard on projection models only (it is available upon request on spot welder models).
    • Emergency push-button to stop the machine immediately.
    • Protection with automatic circuit breaker.
    • Flow-switch which stops the machine if the cooling water does not flow and valve for blocking the water-cooling flow when the machine is off.
    • (optional) USB port for data storage.
    • Pneumatic circuit equipped with low force squeeze (optional), particularly suitable when projection welding and when spot welding delicate parts.
    • Position sensor (optional) which allows measuring the initial thickness of the material to be welded and verifying the presence and the dimensional accuracy of the materials to be welded before welding. It also allows measuring the penetration of the electrodes at the end of the welding process. It is also possible to stop the current flow once the set penetration value has been achieved.
    WSI serial numberM0220036
    Standard weld controlTE700
    Power @ 25% duty cyclekVA253
    Power @ 50% duty cyclekVA160
    Short circuit currentA42,000
    Thermal current @ 100%kA8.8
    Secondary voltageV12.3
    Supply voltage (@60Hz)*V480 [ US Configured ]
    Primary cables Ø (up to 30m)mm²70
    Delayed fuses @ 440VACA150
    Arm spacing range (gap)in (mm)6.9-18.7 (175-475)
    Throat depth – to electrode holdersin (mm)21.26 (540)
    Throat depth – to tooling platensin (mm)16.22 (412)
    # slots & spacing# / in (mm)2 / 2.48 (63)
    Max electrode force – standard @ 87 psi (6 bar)lbs. (daN)1619.2 (736)
    Max electrode force – high-force option 8235 @ 87 psi (6 bar)lbs. (daN)2732.4 (1242)
    Working strokein (mm)3.94 (100)
    Adjustable retraction stroke (standard)in (mm)0.00-3.15 (0-80)
    Compressed air supplypsi (bar)94.3 (6.5)
    Air Consumption per 1000 Spots @ 94 psi (650kP / 6.5 bar)
    Standard welder – 20mm strokeSCF (N/m³)162 (4.6)
    Standard welder – max strokeSCF (N/m³)544 (15.4)
    Option 6135 – 20mm strokeSCF (N/m³)332 (9.4)
    Option 6135 – max strokeSCF (N/m³)766 (21.7)
    Air hose inside Øin (mm)0.63 (16)
    Water cooling @ 36 psi (250 kP / 2.5 bar)gpm (lpm)3.17 (12)
    Net weightlbs (kg)1210 (550)
    Arm diameterin (mm)2.36 (60)
    Electrode holder diameterin (mm)1.26 (32)
    Electrode taper2MT/5RW2MT/5RW
    Dimensions (LxWxH)in (mm)52.9 x 17.3 x 76.3 (1343 x 440 x 1938)
    Max powerkVA350
    Maximum welding current on aluminumkA37
    Maximum welding current on steelkA32
    Tooling platen dimensionsin (mm)4.72/5.51 (120/140)
    Aerial noise produceddB(A)75
    Measured Conditions
    Working strokein (mm)1.97 (50)
    Welding timeCycles22
    Welding currentkA30
    Working rating (welds per minute)#/min6

    *Different voltages and frequencies on request. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

    * May be supplied capable of operating on other voltages/frequencies. Please ask for details.