Milco Manufacturing Pneumatic and Electric Cylinders

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Milco Manufacturing provides the force behind your manufacturing needs with pneumatic and electric cylinders. Weld Systems Integrators is a distributor of Milco Manufacturing, keeping an inventory of new and used equipment IN-STOCK at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery.

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Milco Manufacturing Pneumatic Cylinders

Modular Cylinders:
Milco designed and introduce this family of cylinders back in 2000. They were reviewed as the best cylinder technology for improved manufacturability and extended life.

  • Reduced standard lead times
  • Multiple mounts allow use on many gun platforms
  • We stock some components, and cylinder kits
Milco Manufacturing Cylinders | Weld Systems Integrators

Senn Cylinders:
This Milco patented design was designed and created by our very own, Charlie Senn, in 1953. This cylinder is excellent for offset welding applications as well as projection welding.

  • Cylinder rod is same diameter as piston – large bearing surface
  • Long life – units have been in service since the 1950s

Servo Pneumatic:
We use several manufacturers of servo pneumatic cylinders. They are built in soft touch feature and give you great production efficiency.

  • Allows for air equalization system
  • One stroke need for all applications

Legacy Cylinders:
Milco produces over 18 families of legacy cylinders including GM, Ford and Chrysler standards. We also have several cross-reference tables to other manufacturers cylinders. In other words, we will be sure to have whatever standard you are looking for.

  • Many types of steel fixture type cylinders
  • Cylinder Kits are also available for all types of legacy cylinders

Milco Manufacturing Electric Cylinders

Reverse Parallel:
Milco developed and introduced this bullet proof reverse parallel (RP) actuator around 1995. Its increased life span and adaptable motor make this a customer favorite.

  • This RP unit is non rotating and can use any robot manufactures motor with motor adaptor plates
  • Belt driven

This new inline actuator was designed and built by Milco to improve our reverse parallel system. We have reduced its weight and is now belt-free. Think of it as the Reverse Parallel 2.0.

  • Non rotate and you can still use any robot manufactures’ motor

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