Dynaflux R2000 Water Recirculator Cooling System

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Dynaflux R2000 water recirculator cooling system for resistance welding applications. Dynaflux water cooling systems and chillers are available from Weld Systems Integrators (WSI). We are a stocking distributor of Dynaflux products, keeping an inventory of new and used equipment IN-STOCK at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery.

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Dynaflux R2000 water recirculators are designed for:

M.I.G. Guns1000 amps
M.I.G. Torches1000 amps
Plasma Welders / Cutters300 amps
Resistance Welders150 kVA
Induction Welding10 KW

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Dynaflux R2000 Features


  • Stainless steel construction eliminates coolant contamination due to electrolysis or chemical reactions.
  • All units are plumbed with copper tubing and reinforced hose.
  • New extended life pump.
  • No external plumbing is required because of the closed-loop water system.
  • A water-level float gauge and filler cap are combined in a single-unit multi-purpose sight glass which enables the operator to observe return water at a distance.
  • The water filter on the pump inlet protects the pump and extends the pumps life.
Dynaflux R2000 Specifications


  • Factory set at 50 psi adjustable to 100 psi
  • 6-gallon reservoir (15 gallons available)
  • 115 VAC 50 / 60 Hz 1 ph
  • 230 VAC 50 / 60 Hz 1 ph
  • 13.4 / 6.7 amp:60 Hz 1 ph
  • 230 / 190 VAC 50 / 60 Hz 3 ph
  • 460 / 380 VAC 50/60 Hz 3 ph
  • 2.6 / 1.3 amp:60 Hz3 ph
  • 30,000 BTU
  • Dimensions: 23″L x 16″W x 19.5″H
  • 1/4″ FPT (water in / out) with 5/8″ LH Standard Inert Gas Fitting
  • 8 foot power cord. 1 ph only
  • Visible water level / water flow sight glass
  • Thermal overload
  • Net weight: 68 lbs/31 kg
  • Foam packed for UPS shipment
Dynaflux R2000 Hardware and Parts
#8 Screws x 1/2″H100020 ea.
Hex Bolts 1/2″ x 1″H10026 ea.
Flat Washer 1/4″H10034 ea.
Well Nuts 1/4 – 20H10044 ea.
Hose FerrelR90034 ea.
StrainerH10061 ea.
1/4″ Coupling SSH10081 ea.
Suction Line 1/4″ x 10″T45001 ea.
By-pass Line 1/4″ x 6″T45011 ea.
Male ElbowB70001 ea.
Street ElbowT70011 ea.
Hose BarbsB70022 ea.
Male Comp. UnionB70041 ea.
Inert Arc AdaptersB70052 ea.
Rubber GrommetsG80002 ea.
Fastex FastenersHG800120 ea.
Tank Gasket (66″)R90001 ea.
Tank PadsR90014 ea.
Hoses – 15″R90022 ea.
Hose StrapsR90032 ea.
Cord Relief GrommetG80031 ea.
Power Cord – 8 footF25001 ea.
Filling Your Dynaflux R2000 - Defense Coolant

TO FILL UNIT: Fill the reservoir with distilled water and Dynaflux DEFENSE Anti-Freeze & Pump Lubricant for freeze protection and extended pump life. NOTE: Automotive Anti-Freeze compounds are not recommended for use in this unit as well as it will severely shorten the pump life and VOID manufacturer’s warranty.

INSTALLATION: Place the unit so as not to inhibit airflow to the radiator. For proper hook-up, the torch “out” line is to be connected to the Inert arc adapter labeled “Water In”. The torch “In” line is to be connected to the Inert arc adapter labeled “Water Out”.

DEFENSE ANTI-FREEZE AND PUMP LUBRICANT: Provides year-round protection for Dynaflux water coolers andother closed-loop systems.

PART NO. 927: Ready-to-use (No dilution needed).

PART NO. 929: Concentrate to be diluted with distilled water.

PART NO. 947: Ready-to-use propylene glycol.

Defense Anti-Freeze and Pump Lubricant
PART NO. 927PART NO. 929PART NO. 947
Dynaflux 927 Defense Coolant | Weld Systems IntegratorsDynaflux 929 Defense Coolant | Weld Systems IntegratorsDynaflux 947 Defense Coolant | Weld Systems Integrators
Dynaflux R2000 - Preventative Maintenance

DAILY: Check the water level with a float gauge indicator to make sure there is an adequate water level for proper cooling.

NOTE: Add only clean distilled water and anti-freeze / pump lubricant. NEVER use automotive-type anti-freeze solutions!

WEEKLY: Check for airflow by shining a light through the radiator. An airline blow-off gun or water hose can be used to clean the radiator. (Be careful not to use too much pressure because the aluminum radiator fins are fragile.)

YEARLY OR AS REQUIRED: If the radiator becomes coated with greasy welding and grinding dust, remove the radiator and soak it in a mild soap solution until it’s clean.

Clean the pump filters. A pick-up screen is in the tank on a gear pump machine and a “Y” strainer is on the side of a vane pump machine. Clean the strainer by rinsing it with clean water.

Clean the tank and refill with clean distilled water and DEFENSE ANTI-FREEZE  / PUMP LUBRICANT. A common dilution for indoor machines is two (2) parts of water to one (1) part DEFENSE. This will provide freeze protection to 20°F and will dramatically extend the pump life.

Check the fan and bolts on the motor and pump for tightness.

Blow the dust out of the motor. If there is an excessive greasy film on the motor, flush it with an electrical solvent.

Put about 10 to 15 drops of oil in each end-bearing of the motor.

Check and replace frayed or loosened electrical cords and worn water hoses.

Put a pressure gauge on the output of the pump. The pressure is normally set at 50 PSI. A drop in pressure could indicate initial pump failure.

Also see Dynaflux R1100 V/G Water Cooling System

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