Scissor-Type Welding Guns – Items 3154Q-3169Q – 53-75 KVA

C-Type Welding Guns – Items 3024Q-3041Q – 36-60 KVA

WSI is a stocking master distributor of TECNA resistance welding equipment, including spot and projection welders, portable guns and balancers. Furthermore, we keep an inventory of TECNA Heavy-Duty Spot Welding guns IN-STOCK at our Warrensville Heights, OHIO location for quick shipment and delivery.

WSI-TECNA Heavy-Duty Spot Welding Guns are available in C-Type and Scissor-Type (X-Type) in 36kVA, 53kVA, 60kVA and 75kVA. For more information, contact WSI at 844-WSI-WELD or +1-216-475-5629.

TECNA WTG-3024 Portable Spot Welding Gun | Weld Systems Integrators TECNA WTG-3154 Portable Spot Welding Gun | Weld Systems Integrators
WTG-3024 / 25Q (C)
WTG-3032 / 33 / 40 / 41Q (CG)
WTG-3154 / 55 / 60 / 61 / 66 / 67 (LG)
WTG-3156 / 57 / 62 / 63 / 68 / 69 (LLG)
WSI-TECNA Heavy Duty Spot Welding Gun Features:
  • Pneumatically-operated suspended gun with integrated TE300, TE470 or TE480 microprocessor-based welding controls.Intelligent Design, Small Dimensions, and High Welding Capacity for Maximum Productivity.
  • High Electrode Force with Reduced Dimensions and Safe Components.
  • Standard ISO 5826 transformers.
  • Accurate maneuverability at any angle is guaranteed by gyro suspension mounted on sealed bearings, coupled with a TECNA balancer.
  • Rotation lock allows locking of multiple axes of motion.
  • Accepts a broad range of standard and special arms to accommodate special applications. “C” type gun assists in accessing unconventional areas.
  • Chromium copper electrode holders offer long life in a production environment, and are designed for use at angles of up to 30°.
  • Long, Adjustable Welding Stroke enables welding in difficult-to-reach areas, including welding reinforcements and ribs.
  • Temporary extra stroke (retraction stroke) allows reaching into tough spots.
  • Lube-free chromium plated cylinder and shaft offer a long service life in a production environment.
  • Lube-free pneumatic circuit eliminates oil mist in your shop environment.
  • Water-cooled transformer, with epoxy resin-coated windings for long life.
  • Water-cooled arms, electrode holders and electrodes for best performance and maximum use.
  • Water-flow valves on the cooling circuit simplify electrode changeover.
  • Trigger Handle Safety prevents accidental initiation.
  • Trigger Handle Controls enable selection between 2 or 4 welding programs, as well as Stage 1 ‘weld / no-weld’ function.
  • Selection of Welding Controls to suit different production requirements.
WSI-Advantage Standard Specifications Include:
  • WSI-SPEC offers reduced installation cost.
  • TE470 Weld Control with 2 program selector
  • Filter / Regulator Assembly (item 70504)
  • Integrated Earth Leakage Detection and Circuit Breaker / GFCI. Must specify voltage and frequency at time of order.
  • 50’ (15 meter) umbilical (Air/Water/Power Hoses/Cable) reduces installation cost and simplifies maintenance. Access to the Air Regulator and GFCI is easy, as they are typically at operator shoulder height once the gun is properly-festooned and installed on a bridge rail or jib crane.
  • Emergency-stop (E-STOP) button to immediately stop machine operation.
  • Balancers: Rotating Insulated Mounting Hook connects to weld gun stick hanger, for easy repositioning of the weld gun within a work cell. Includes locking device accessible from the floor.
EURO-Specifications Include:
  • WSI-Spec Standard Equipment EXCEPT
    > 21’ (6.5 meter) umbilical (Air/Water/Power Hoses/Cable) offers lower initial cost, but requires running additional cable and hose in customer plant. GFCI and Air Regulator will be mounted near the ceiling with the gun installed and properly-festooned on a bridge rail or jib crane, complicating weld parameter adjustment and maintenance.
    > Balancers: Rotate around top hook only (where balancer connects to the jib crane or bridge rail. This makes it much more difficult to reposition the weld gun and within the workspace. Requires rotation of the full weight of the balancer each time the gun is moved.
Options and Accessories:
  • Ask WSI about custom arms! In addition to the arms listed in this catalog, an almost infinite variety of configurations is available to suit customer welding requirements. WSI is an expert at engineering and manufacturing custom weld gun arms.
  • Shielded supply cable for even longer life in heavy manufacturing environments.
  • Various lengths of umbilical are available for special order. These include 21.3’ (6.5M), 32.8’ (10M), 42.6’ (13M), 49.2’ (15M). Note: WSI-Spec guns always include 15M cables.
  • Water Flow Switch prevents the weld gun from passing weld current is cooling water is not flowing.
  • Note: TE470 / 480 controls have a programmable passcode lock
  • A wide variety of handle configurations are available for easy maneuverability and activation.


CONTACT Weld Systems Integrators for more information on our TECNA Portable Welding Gun solutions. For immediate assistance, please feel free to give us a call at 844-WSI-WELD.