TECNA 9509RL Food Industry Tool Balancers IN-STOCK

Zero-gravity balancer with NSF-H1 certified food-grade grease and stainless steel / rustproof exterior materials.

TECNA 9509RL Tool Balancers

The TECNA 9509RL Zero-Gravity food industry balancer is a NEW product line designed for food and beverage, meat processing, dairy, bakery and confectionery, and industrial washing and sanitizing applications. The 9509RL features an aluminum housing with high-strength Rilsan® treatment, food grade rope guide, shock absorber, and wire cap, NSF-H1 certified food grade grease, rust-proof stainless steel wire rope with a capacity of 198.42 – 220.46 lbs. (90.00 – 100.00 kg) and a stroke length of 82.7 in. (2100 mm).

Balancer Designation: 9509RL
  • Cast aluminum body [ Rilsan® treatment ]
  • Zero-gravity rust-proof stainless steel
  • Food-grade grease NSF-H1 certified
  • Oxidation and chemical-resistant

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    Lower capacity lbs. 198.42
    kg 90.00
    Upper capacity lbs. 220.46
    kg 100.00
    Stroke length in. 82.68
    mm 2100
    Zero-gravity balancer Yes
    Rope type Rust-proof stainless steel
    Body material Cast aluminum body [ Rilsan® treatment ]
    Insulated rotating hook [ Optional accessory “B1” ] Not included
    ATEX-rated No

    TECNA balancers make tools nearly weightless, reducing operator fatigue and improving safety and ergonomics. As the tool is repositioned the stainless steel cable extends and retracts smoothly from the aluminum housing, providing a full range of motion. Tension adjustment is easy and precise.

    • Cast aluminum housing with special hard anodization, resistant to oxidation and chemical aggression
    • Smoother surface facilitates cleaning and sanitization
    • Food grade rope guide, shock absorber, and wire cap
    • Rustproof and stainless steel exterior materials
    • NSF-H1 certified food grade grease
    • Ribbed and sealed monobloc construction in aluminum alloy
    • Stainless steel rope
    • Adjustable capacity by means of a worm screw
    • Auxiliary safety suspension
    • Safety device against load dropping due to the spring breakage | >3k
    • Upper rotary suspension with safety hook
    • Locking device to block the load at any height
    • Adjustable stroke limiting device
    • Taper drum rotating on ball bearings
    • Cable guide in antifriction material
    • Inert spring drum assembly
    • Polyamides thimble

    * Features and specifications may vary, and are subject to change without notice

    Available for specific models, please contact a customer service representative to help you select the right product for your application.

    Balancer models 9346LIL – 9350IL are equipped with a stop device allowing the load to be stopped in intermediate positions of the stroke, about every 3.94 in. (100 mm). The stop device can be activated and deactivated at the operator’s choice.

    OPTIONAL ACCESSORY “B1” – Locking-unlocking device with control from the floor (chain and handle in stainless steel). Available for balancer models:

    • 9502RL – 9509RL
    • 9520RL – 9525RL