Industrial Water Chillers available from Weld Systems Integrators

Industrial water chillers from Weld Systems Integrators are used for controlled cooling of products and machinery across a range of applications. We keep an inventory chillers IN-STOCK at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location (25 miles southeast of Cleveland) for quick shipment and delivery.

Chillers cool liquid temperature and remove heat by transferring it to air using a heat exchanger. Coolant or water is pulled from the tank, pumped through the chiller and returned to the tank. This creates a closed-loop system, recirculating clean coolant or water. In addition, chillers use an adjustable thermostat to detect liquid temperature and maintain a consistent temperature in the tank. Therefore, these contaminant free systems can increase chiller efficiency.

Benefits of industrial water chillers:

  • Improved productivity
  • Less waste
  • Equipment protection
  • Water savings
  • Water temperature control
  • Local and federal water regulation compliance

Chillers are used across a wide range of industries and applications. This includes lasers, MRI machines, welding equipment, oncology machines, hydraulic cooling CT scanners, food processing, printing processes, pharmaceuticals, plastics processing, HVAC, metal spraying.

IN-STOCK chiller brands and systems:

Weld Systems Integrators carries a variety of chiller brands and systems from Koolant Koolers, RIEDEL, Schreiber, UNITROL and MTA. Contact your local WSI representative for more information on our IN-STOCK chillers. For questions or immediate assistance, please feel free to give us a call at 844-WSI-WELD.

Water chillers for resistance welding applications:

Cooling water flow is an important variable in resistance welding. Large custom resistance welders, multi-gun spot welders, even lower KVA press-type spot welders generate significant amounts of heat. Therefore, water cooling needs can easily total 10 to 20 GPM. Water chillers can improve weld quality, increase tip life and make more uniform seam welds.

In order to remove heat generated by the resistance welding process, water chillers are often connected in an effort to:

  • Improve weld quality and prevent hot or mushroomed tips
  • Increase weld tip life
  • Decrease equipment down time
  • Maximize uptime

CONTACT Weld Systems Integrators for more information on IN-STOCK industrial water chillers.

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