Used welder repair and rebuild services from Weld Systems Integrators. Our repair service professionals are trained and qualified to repair and rebuild most brands of resistance welder. Our repair and rebuild services often include technology upgrades to improve welder efficiency and productivity.

Used welder before and after:

Used Welder BEFORERepair / Rebuilt Welder AFTER
Used Welding Equipment Before | Weld Systems IntegratorsUsed Welding Equipment After | Weld Systems Integrators
Used Welder BEFORERepair / Rebuilt Welder AFTER
Used Welding Equipment Before 02 | Weld Systems IntegratorsUsed Welding Equipment After 02 | Weld Systems Integrators
Used Welder BEFORERepair / Rebuilt Welder AFTER
Used Welding Equipment Before 03 | Weld Systems IntegratorsUsed Welding Equipment After 03 | Weld Systems Integrators

Weld Systems Integrators used welder REPAIR, REBUILD and REMANUFACTURING process includes:

  • Stripped, degreased, and inspected for damage
  • Worn surfaces machined to “new machine” specifications
  • Sand blasted, primed, and painted
  • Rocker arm bushings replaced
  • New bearing pin installed if necessary
  • Inspected and repaired as required
  • New bearings installed
  • Welding cylinder rebuilt: all packings, seals, gaskets, o-rings, and cups are replaced
  • Cylinder tested under full pressure
  • New air valves, speed control valves and LFR with pressure gauge installed
  • All air hose replaced
  • Install parallel water manifolds with a flow switch
  • All hosing color coded
  • Tested for full performance capability
  • Voltage, insulation, and current evaluated
  • Water passages flushed of buildup
  • Frayed leads repaired as required
  • Transformers requiring repair tested under full load
  • A new solid-state welding control installed (customer specified)
  • All installation conforms to approved electrical standards
  • Palm buttons or foot switches installed
  • Optional disconnect can be supplied
  • Evaluated to ensure that all mating surfaces fit tightly for proper electrical connections
  • Items not fitting machined to fit properly
  • All insulation checked and replaced if needed

LORS Legacy Equipment – Resistance Welders Replacement Parts, Repair and Rebuild Services

WSI provides spare and replacement parts for your existing LORS Machinery, including legacy resistance welders and welding equipment. This includes LORS DOOR WELDER PARTS and SUPPORT and LORS DOOR FRAME WELDER PARTS and SUPPORT. We also offer complete repair and rebuild services and on-site training and support.

Looking to spend less and still receive a quality welder?

WSI used welding equipment, including rebuilt and reconditioned welders are a great option.

In addition to NEW resistance welding equipment and machinery, machines and solutions, WSI offers repaired, reconditioned and refurbished welders. Used resistance welders and equipment, either your existing machines or one selected by WSI is professionally stripped, inspected, repaired and tested under load by an experienced technician.

CONTACT Weld Systems Integrators for more information on our repaired, reconditioned and refurbished welder solutions. For immediate assistance, please feel free to give us a call at 844-WSI-WELD.