Laminated shunts are designed to customer specified dimensions and tolerances. Weld Systems Integrators supplies laminated copper shunts manufactured using high conductivity electrolytic copper in order to provide optimal electrical performance, effectively eliminating problems associated with resistive voltage losses.

To order you need to determine:

  1. Shunt type (shape)
  2. Lamination leaf thickness (each; i.e. .005, .010)
  3. Total shunt thickness (laminations only)
  4. Shunt width
  5. Shunt length (outside length)
  6. Hole diameter – ID
  7. Hole pattern and number of holes
  8. Hole location from shunt end
Laminated Shunts | Weld Systems Integrators

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Laminated Shunts - Weld Systems Integrators

Here is a list of laminated shunt brands we represent:

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