Struggling to find a solution to a difficult joining application? Capacitor Discharge Welding is your solution.

Capacitive Discharge Welding (sometimes referred to as Capacitive Discharge) stores energy for extremely fast release of energy with large peak currents. More energy into weld formation and less into heating the surrounding material. The heat affected weld zone, where the properties of the metal have been changed is smaller, minimizing changes in the metallurgy of the workpiece.

Weld Systems Integrators manufactured our first Capacitor Discharge Resistance Welder in 2007. That CD Welder is still in production today making great welds and great parts. Through the years, we’ve had OEM’s, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers bring parts to our Welding Lab and we have demonstrated consistent results.


  • Fasteners are extremely soft compared to the base material.
  • Hot-Stamp Materials develop AlSi coating in the furnace.
  • Resistive qualities of AlSi coating are inconsistent across the part.
  • Short Weld Times called for in projection welding makes it difficult to deliver enough heat to the base material, often vaporizing the projections without welding.
  • Consistent projection welding is difficult with most processes, and even with many Capacitor Discharge Welding machines!


WSI has over 10 years of proven results with tough-to-weld applications, like projection welding fasteners to Hot-Stamped, High-Boron AlSi-Coated parts! WSI Capacitor Discharge Welding Welders can make good welds 100% of the time.

Capacitor Discharge Welding Process:
WSI Capacitor Discharge Welding technology can be applied to a number of applications