Purchase your TECNA tool balancers TODAY from is our NEW website, dedicated to TECNA spring tool balancers., is powered by Weld Systems Integrators, a stocking master distributor of TECNA industrial resistance welders and equipment.

Our IN-STOCK inventory includes TECNA stainless steel cable (INOX rope) balancersexplosion resistant (ATEX-rated) balancersnylon cable balancersair hose balancers and no gravity balancers, with a capacity ranging from 0.44 lbs. (0.2kg) up to 396 lbs. (180kg).

TECNA spring tool balancers are compatible with many brands of portable spot welding guns and suspension options, such as ARO, MILCO, Dengensha, Centerline, PW, CEA, Obara, and more!

IN-STOCK TECNA Tool Balancers:

Stainless Steel Cable (INOX Rope) BalancersExplosion Resistant (ATEX) BalancersNylon Rope BalancersTECNA Hose Balancers
TECNA Stainless Steel Cable (INOX Rope) Balancers | Weld Systems IntegratorsTECNA Explosion Resistant (ATEX) Balancers | Weld Systems IntegratorsTECNA Nylon Rope Balancers | Weld Systems IntegratorsTECNA Hose Balancers | Weld Systems Integrators

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