Push-Out and Tensile Testers

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Repeatable, accurate weld tests are an essential part of resistance welding quality assurance. Push-out and tensile testers give you and your customers complete confidence in the strength and consistency of your welds.

WSI Push-Out Testers

Push-out testers from Weld Systems Integrators check the strength of sample welds to ensure the quality of a finished product.  The hand-operated pump exerts force on weld nuts and studs to measures the point of weld failure.

  • Simulates force
  • Configurable in pounds, kilograms newtons
Push-Out Tester | Weld Systems Integrators

Weld Systems Integrators pushout testers samples.

Push-out test sample | Weld Systems Integrators Push-out test sample 02 | Weld Systems Integrators Push-out test sample 03 | Weld Systems Integrators Push-out test sample 04 | Weld Systems Integrators

Weld Systems Integrators has an inventory of push-out and tensile testers IN-STOCK at our Warrensville Heights, OHIO location for quick shipment and delivery.

PT-10 5000 lbs. Portable Spot Weld Testers

Simple to use and economically priced, the manually operated PT-10 5000 lbs. portable spot weld testers are designed to pull apart spot welded test samples that are up to 1.5 inches wide and 0.25 inches thick.

Rated to 5000 lbs, the peak force is captured during the test and displayed on the indicator. Furthermore, serial or USB data output is standard providing accurate data transmission to your data collection system.

The PT-10-5000-DI portable spot weld testers is compact, light , and durable. A low ratio gear reduces the users effort to operated the manual crank. In addition, because of its size only a small amount of bench space is required for the tester and display. It can easily be transported between work stations and used where 120 vac is available.

The PT-10-5K-M3/M5 portable spot weld testers has the same durable frame and operating mechanism and offers the best portability option and small footprint. The indicator is mounted directly to the tester frame and can operate up to 24 hours continously on its built in battery before recharging is necessary making this the perfect tester to transport from station to station.

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