WSI Welding Equipment

Standard and Custom Welders

WSI is a full-line manufacturer and distributor of standard resistance welding machines, including Press-Type Spot and Projection Welders, Rocker-Arm Welders and Seam Welders. Power supplies include single-phase AC, three phase DC and MFDC, as well as single phase CD.

WSI offers a broad range of small-format welders, from 2 KVA Micro Spot Welders to 150 KVA Bench-Mounted Spot Welders. WSI has decades of experience with fine, high-precision resistance welding applications.

Weld Guns

WSI offers Portable Weld Guns for flexibility welding bulky parts, or accessing difficult locations. Think of WSI’s line of Portable Weld Guns when it makes more sense to take the welder to the work, rather than the work to the welder. WSI is proud to stock, integrate, service, and support weld guns from ARO, MILCO and Centerline.

WSI is also a Stocking Importer and Master Distributor for TECNA, including their complete line of portable spot welding guns.

Custom Welding Projects | Automation and Robotics

WSI engineers and manufactures custom turn-key welding solutions, with complete integration of automation, controls, tooling and fixtures built to each customer’s unique requirements & specifications.

This includes automated and robotic resistance, MIG, TIG, and Plasma welding processes.

Consumables and Copper Goods

WSI maintains inventory for immediate shipment, including resistance welding electrodes, inserts, and electrode holders. WSI also carries copper and refractory metal bar stock, as well as laminated shunts and jumpers.

WSI’s trusted partners include Tuffaloy, CMW, Pacific, Centerline, Huys, Tipaloy and WORCO.

WSI is your complete source for resistance welding supplies! WSI ships worldwide.

Auxiliary Equipment and Accessories

WSI provides a wide range of auxiliary equipment and accessories, from Controls, Transformers and Safety Devices to Nut and Stud Feeders. WSI also supplies Quality Management devices like Electrode Dressers, Weld Checkers and Tip Force Gauges, and Ergonomic Devices like Tool Balancers and Work Station Cranes.

WSI is your source for Welding Chillers and Water Recirculators too.

Lab | Engineering and Training

WSI engineers and technicians operate our in-house resistance welding laboratory, conducting metallographic evaluation and weldability testing.

WSI Engineering also offers assistance with designing manufacturing processes and parts for resistance welding.

WSI offers training in resistance welding, both at WSI plant and onsite at customer facilities.

Service | Repair and Rental

The WSI Service Team offers onsite service, including machine startup and repairs worldwide. The WSI Repair Center repairs everything from robotic teach pendants to weld controls to parts feeders and complete welding machinery. WSI offers complete machinery remanufacturing services for customer machinery as well, and rents new, used and refurbished resistance welding machinery and chillers.