Resistance welding electrodes available from Weld Systems Integrators come in a wide range of sizes from full size straight to caps and buttons. We carry electrodes from trusted manufacturers that produce high conductivity and are resistant to deformation, key requirements of resistance welding electrodes.

Weld Systems Integrators maintains an inventory of resistance welding electrodes at our Warrensville Heights, OHIO location. For immediate assistance, please give us a call at 844-WSI-WELD.

Available electrodes include:

  • Straight electrodes
  • Caps and shanks
  • Double bend electrodes
  • Miscellaneous electrodes,
  • Back up electrodes
  • Threaded electrodes
  • Refractory metal-faced electrodes
  • Swivel faced electrodes
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Contact your WSI Representative for immediate personal service at 844-WSI-WELD or 216-475-5629.

Brands we represent:

Tuffaloy CMW Pacific Worco Centerline Luvata Tipaloy
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How do I select the proper electrode material for spot welding?

Proper electrode material can be determined from weld schedules based on the work piece being welded. The material needs to be able to handle forces and currents applied during the welding operation. Highly conductive work piece materials such as aluminum, require high currents for spot welding and need highly conductive electrode material. More resistive materials such as stainless steel require considerably lower currents but high forces. They are spot welded with stronger material found in Class 3.

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CONTACT Weld Systems Integrators for more information on resistance welding electrodes. For immediate assistance, please feel free to give us a call at 844-WSI-WELD.